The book „Blown Film Extrusion – A Science in Itself?“ is for the daily work with Blown Films.

The main contents are the using with “MONO – Blown Film lines” and you can find them in a lot of film production halls worldwide.

The book is available in German, English, Spanish and Turkish language.

Here you can find a short summary which are included:


A Overview:

1. Chapter: What is a Blown Film Line and what does it consist off?

– the different working ways
– the most important machinery parts

2. Chapter: Configuration of an Extrusion Line

– important points, you have to think about!

3. Chapter: How to use an Extrusion Line

– Bubble stability reasons:

– Material, Temperatures, Inputs, Filters, Blow head
– Air-ring, without IBC, with IBC, Blow-Up-Ratio
– Haul Off

– Film problems reasons:

– Profile, strengths, film distortions, blockings,
– Stripes, Deposits, melt fractures, gels
– wrinkles, fish eyes, birds, oils / wax
– surface, striation, edge displacements,
– stars

– Configurations:

– Heating phase, Start Up, reaction with cooling, IBC, centring, optimising of temperatures, winding / kind of rolls and Cut systems, Switch Off

– Formulas:

– different tables for calculating