Ulrich Büttel

The U.B.Tech.GmbH company works in film production all over the world. Our general manager Mr. Ulrich Büttel has been in the film world for more than 38 years and is appreciated by others as a real expert.

Our services primarily include development, consulting and training.

The world premiere of our Extrusion Online Portal on the K – Show 2013 has been a great success.

Film producer, but also machine manufacturer were able to convince, that they could find solutions for occurring problems in the film production al over the world and to every time under the address www.filmextrusion.eu.

Here the accumulated knowledge from decades of experience is deposited under bullet points for quick troubleshooting. The help is designed in the shape of videos, photos and texts.

The fast help, which you receive on our Extrusion Online Portal, saves waste and stoppage of the production and increases the quality of the film and also the quality of the staff.

We are currently working on solutions for terminals that are in the immediate vicinity of the production line or are directly connected to the system and offer quick help with production problems such as wrinkles, breaks or orange peel.

We work very costumer-oriented and fulfil all our customer’s wishes. Our training is very practice-oriented and closes the gap between theory and practice.

We train salesmen, manufacturers, operators or production managers, and every training is specifically catered to our customers needs.

Thanks to our know-how and years of experience we have developed diverse patents for blow film production and development like our IN-LINE seal machines (Seal Cut), our VIS-CO® concepts, like VIS-CO® blown film heads D1-D7 or the special mixer VIS-CO® M for extrusion screws.

Yours, Ulrich Büttel