Pouch-Seal klein

The Pouch Seal PS 500-1600 is our system for the sealing specifically for PE, PP, OPP, Bio PP, PA, BOPA blown film.

Multiple patented welding heads available in sizes 500-1600mm offer infinite customizability, since each seal head has its own temperature characteristics and controller.

The sealing bar is adjustable to the millimeter and is Teflon coated, ensuring that the film and the head are always separated.

In addition, the contact pressure is adjustable in fine increments. The welding beam is available with a smooth or diamond surface.

Equipped with either a Teflon coated roller and an electric drive that regulates its speed via a potentiometer or a motion sensor that adjusts the speed between 0-10VDC, the device is easily integrated into any existing system, even with its emergency stop mechanism.

A line speed of up to 150m/min, suction to prevent heat related jams and precise temperature adjustment of the roller are also possible.

Customizations are possible as always.

Our Cold Circular Cutting Blade System KR 500-1600 optionally provides cutting functionality.