We present our variable and individual hot needle perforation HP 500-1600 for flat films made of PE, PP, OPP, Bio PP, PA and BOPA.

It provides optimum results at a line speed of up to 100m/min and different needle grids, also through fine manual adjustment of the pneumatically controlled needles.

The needle temperatures are controlled via a standard controller and can achieve up to 400 C.

With the gears being driven by electric drives at both sides, we regulate the speed via a potentiometer or on the motion sensor that adjusts the speed in the range of 0-10VDC. It is further equipped with a counter roller acting as a brush. Of course, a connection to your emergency stop system is possible.

Spacer sleeves extend the system so that you can perforate only certain film sheets.

As always, suction to prevent heat related jams and precise temperature adjustment of the roller are also possible.

This process differs dramatically from cold perforation, because with heated perforation the hole size is also determined by the temperature and a small bead is formed around the hole preventing the film from tearing, whereas in cold perforation the needles only plunge into the film.

The regular working widths from 500 – 1600mm, but also special structures and special constructions are possible at any time and are designed in our own engineering office.

Hot needle perforation can be integrated into an existing system and complies with the CE Standard.