In-house exhibition of the company Hokushin in cooperation with Shonan Trading Company near Tokyo City for the first time the new dieVis Co® D3 was presented.

In Japan, about 70 film producers are established and reputable manufacturers were guests at house exhibition. The new die of U.B.Tech.GmbH was adopted with a lot of astonishmentSo the big differences with the conventional die include; energy saving, the small size and weight.

Most importantly the differences in the process, because of the specially developed melt distribution results in very short melting paths and residence times.
In this regard, the change-over the standard blow head are reduced by more than 50%. It has fewer gel’s and burns.

 The differences you can notice in the table below.

All around a new economic development with the VisCo® D3!

 die size U.B. Ø 300 mm Vis-Co® D3 Ø 300 mm
 Gap size 3,0 mm 3,0 mm
Raw materials PP / LLD / mPP PP / LLD / mPP (Wintech)
Pressure difference (130 kg/h) MPA 15/25/15 10/18/10
Cooling yes – IBC yes – IBC
Layer combination 25/50/25 25/50/25


Heating energy ca. 70 -75 kw ca. 10-15 kw
Design detail 100 – 300 kg/h 80-250 kg/h
Film thickness 10 – 200µ 10 – 200µ
Material combination LD, LED, HD, MDPE, EVA, PP, EVOH und PA LD, LED, HD, MDPE, EVA, PP, EVOH und PA
Height of the die 930 mm 530 mm
Weight ca. 2390 kg ca. 435 kg