U.B.Tech.GmbH “The system supplier in the Extrusion Technology” – We stand for integrity, reliability and competence. Our general manager and owner Mr. Ulrich Büttel has 40 years of experience in the blown film extrusion.

The company is more and more towards system supplier oriented. In addition to our services such as consulting, development and training – which are of course not neglected – following systems are included:


♦ Longitudinal welding equipment and embossing Systems

♦ Cold needle perforation systems

♦ Screws and barrels

♦ Vis-Co® Mixer for screws

♦ Dies Eco and standard series Vis-Co®

♦  Cooling systems

All developments and customer needs are carried out by us and tailored naturally depending on YOU and production coordination. Through the diversity of systems and customer requirements new developments and ideas were necessary, which we implement with patent applications and thus strengthen the company                                                                                                                                          

HIGHLIGHT: Energy is an important commodity that makes us rethink the design! Cost savings of up to €100,000 per year is possible. The energy saving depends on the heating power of our die of Vis-Co® series.

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At the world premiere of our extrusion online portal to foil producers and machinery manufacturers were convinced. You can find this at www.filmextrusion.eu worldwide and at any time solutions to problems (wrinkles, breaks, specks and orange peel) in film production.

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By the way, we now also offer seminars for buyers and sellers and work preparation. Furthermore, advanced courses in the field of production and application.

Whether you are seller, equipment manufacturers, machine operators or executive strengths, we provide any training specific to our clients and companies.

Office Manager C. Hagen


Cube                                    Jubilee 2001 – 2016

The U.B.Tech.GmbH is 15 years old. How does it look behind the scenes ? Who are the people operating the company and what are the products that we produce ? All this and much more, please visit our  house exhibition and Open House from 18th to 20th May 2016.